Subject-oriented Resumé of David N. Jansen

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Have you got an interesting job offer for me? Do not hesitate to get in touch. As I have a permanent position now, I am not interested in projects lasting less than one year.

Personal Data

Name   JansenPorträtfoto
Christian namesDavid Nicolaas
Reachable at home +31 6 26 32 06 52
(my first Christian name)
Office addressICIS, ITT
Postbus 9010
6500 GL  Nijmegen
+31 24 36 52271
D.(my last name)

Professional Goal

To provide services in an international, multilingual environment by seeking and assessing solutions for technical problems on a high academic level.

Possible work areas: scientific education and research; consultant for design and architecture of ICT systems; technical translator

This kind of work looks interesting to me and is closely related to my personal strengths:

Work experience

You may also read a chronological curriculum vitae.

ICT Knowledge

C, C++, Pascal, Assembler, HTML, PHP, Perl, XML, basic knowledge Visual Basic
Microsoft Office, MS Access, MySQL
Windows, Unix / Linux, MS-DOS

Project Experience (mainly software)

Investigated Embedded Systems

March 2011, David N. Jansen