Chronological Curriculum Vitae of David N. Jansen

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You may also read my subject-oriented resumé.

Work experience

2016–heute    assistant professor and (since 2018) associate professor at the of the , Beijing, China.
2007–2016 assistant professor at the at the of the , Netherlands.
2007 Postdoc position at the in the of , Germany. I worked on extensions of stochastic model checking with rewards.
2005–2006 Postdoc at the of the Department of Computer Science of the , Enschede, Netherlands. I researched model checking algorithms for verification of systems with a cost aspect and taught, e. g. the course .
2003–2005 Postdoc stipend in the of the , Saarbrücken, Germany. I collaborated with , head of the at the of , Saarbrücken. I investigated extensions of statecharts (a language in UML) with stochastics and taught e. g. on .
1998–2003 Ph. D. research fellow at the of the Department for Computer Science of , Enschede, Netherlands. We investigated mainly on the subjects of requirements engineering, model checking and UML. I got experience in extending a larger software system () in C++.
1993–1997 Student assistant at the of the , Switzerland. I taught practical lectures and exercise classes.
1990–1993Analyst/programmer at Lynx Software Research AG, Langenthal, Switzerland. I worked on the administration software solution MIRACLE.


1998–2003    , Enschede, Netherlands: promotion to doctor in computer science.
2000 : , grade A.
1990–1997 , Switzerland: my main branch was , secondary branches and . Finished with a diploma corresponding to a Master degree. Final mark: 5½ (1 is the worst, 6 the best mark).
1995 en 1996 Academic summer schools of the . Topics: Logics; Evolution and ethics.
1990 Driver licence B.
1986–1990 , Switzerland: high school/University admittance with stress on classical languages. Passed with 88 of 90 points (best of the year).

Other experience

1999–2006    Two years board member (head of catalogue and acquisition) and eight years webmaster of the . I developed a web application for the catalogue and a lending system and organised three complete moves of the library. I supervised ca. eight other volunteers.
2000–2003 Member of the Ph. D. students' advisory committee of the . This committee represents the interests of the Ph. D. researchers within SIKS.
1997 Volunteer in the team of the Christian centre for studies and holidays , Intragna, Switzerland. I mainly worked in the hotel branch: reception desk, rooms, kitchen.
1996–1997 Webmaster of the in Bern, Switzerland.
1995–1997 Member of the of the . I founded the students' party ΦNat and was its speaker.
1992–1997 Board member of the . I edited the association's magazine.
The goal of the student union is to represent the interest of the students towards the university and other parties.

September 2019, David N. Jansen